Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Conservative Alternative to Facebook

Facebook has two new competitors, WePluribUs and the Tea Party Community.

Why WePluribus?

The founder of WePluribus, Scott Rohter, an author and conservative commentator, believes Facebook is discriminatory towards conservatives. Speaking to the Examiner, Rohter states he is being censored by the world's largest social media site, Facebook. He says he has been reported to "daddy Zuckerberg" as a spammer, and by people who don't agree with his point of view. Rohter launched WePluribUs as the conservative alternative to Facebook in December 2012. WePluribUs wants to put the "we back in the U.S." As of this writing it has 2000 members, a far cry from Facebook's one billion plus users.

Rohter has another website, Less Gov is the Best Gov, which proclaims itself the "Independent Voice for Conservative Values telling it like it is!" (sic). Rohter refers to Dr. King as " the great Negro orator " in a blog entitled Martin Luther King and Lewis Farrakhan. Power on Earth or Poison on Earth? Amazing. Isn't this the 21st century? Other articles speak on the usual conservative boogeymen such as welfare; election fraud; and that constitution-destroyer, President Obama.

Is Facebook a bully?

Other conservative organizations have felt picked-on, too. Facebook temporarily removed an ad placed by Americans for Prosperity after too many viewers flagged it as offensive or misleading. (Sorry about that AFP, but they were.) The Council of Conservative Citizens were outraged when their Facebook group was shut down. The Council's views on black Americans and seeming ties to white supremacist organizations gives a hint as to why they were censored. WePluribUs will undoubtedly welcome them with open arms.

I admire entrepreneurship. I wish Mr. Rohter and the Tea Party Community great success in their competition with the internet Goliath, Facebook. I hope their sites become the Mecca for ultra conservative Americans to congregate and worship at the altar of paranoia and outrage. The survivalists and conspiracy theorists can peacefully mingle without fear of censorship. They can post their "Obama is a socialist-Marxist-Hitler wanna-be" memes without fear of being muzzled. Isn't capitalism great!

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