Thursday, November 20, 2014

Conservative logic in North Dakota

In addition to my regular job, I also write for my hometown newspaper. One of my assignments is to cover the government meetings.
One of the duties of one particular group of elected officials is to hire people for the county road crew. There was upheaval this past year - the county employees did not like being on salary. They wanted to be paid for all the hours they worked so they could receive overtime pay. The elected officials  gave in and decided to pay the workers by the hour.

Trouble started when seasoned employees  found out they were being paid less then people who had been hired more recently. One employee asked for a raise equal to what a new hire was given - $14.00 an hour.

I was in attendance at the  meeting when this  employee's request was considered. The elected officials were angry that the employee was asking for a raise. One official recalled a former employee who would work from sunup to sundown for  60 cents an hour. Another said that if they raised the employees salary then next month he would be asking  for $15 an hour.

The employee did not get his raise and resigned.

What did the officials do? They hired a new employee with no experience at the rate of $15 an hour.

Why? Because they were outraged that someone would ask for a raise. How dare the employee not be grateful for the job? He must be a union agitator!!! We will show him!

Yeah. They showed him........... and the taxpayers will pay.

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