Thursday, January 22, 2015

Do ultra - conservatives value beauty over brains?

Hillary Needs a Facelift?

Won't it be nice when the time comes when women won't be judged on their appearance, but on their abilities and accomplishments.
Hillary Clinton, our former Secretary of State, is still judged by her attractiveness even though she is an accomplished stateswoman.
During this year's CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) convention, a neanderthal interrupted Paul Begala, a CNN contributor and invited speaker. Begala had the perfect comeback when the man suggested Hillary Clinton get "a facelift". Begala quipped, "No, not get a facelift. She's not a Republican society lady, she's a real woman."
The "get a facelift" comment was very telling about what conservatives value in women. It didn't matter that Hillary is much admired in the US and around the world; she is aging, so her value as a woman is diminishing in the eyes of many conservatives.

What Conservatives Seem to Value in Women

If you watch Fox News it doesn't take long to notice that conservatives value sexiness in their female counterparts.
Fox News has educated, well-spoken women commentators, and almost all wear short tight skirts and clingy shirts. There is nothing wrong with a woman being attractive and competent, but don't most women - excluding strippers and prostitutes - want to be recognized more for their abilities, not their bodies?
Really, how seriously would we take CNN if the male anchors were all chosen because they were hunky and wore tight pants and shirts? I personally would like to look at the men, but I couldn't take CNN's message seriously when they had to resort to sexiness over substance.
A Fox News Viewer's Opinion
I ran across this comment on Right Even some conservative women are questioning the women's appearance.

"As I've said before, I get irritated by the way women are portrayed on FOX. It seems like a channel for dirty old geezers to me. Otherwise they would not gussy up their women like Barbie Dolls. The thing is, they are all very attractive, without having to show so much skin, and without the gallons of make-up. It really diminishes them, IMO. It's hard to take them seriously. Not only that, most look like they are about 25 years old. What is up with that?!"

Women Conservatives Adore

Conservatives adore Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. They are both strong women who have worked hard in their private lives. But would they have accomplished as much as they have if they didn't wear so much makeup and wear heels all the time? They seem to be the queens of silly soundbites, fearmongering, and "everybody picks on conservatives" whining.
Dan Quayle's political career was over after a few stupid political gaffes. But in conservative circles, Bachmann and Palin seem to be above their own outrageous gaffes. I know more than a few conservative men who adore these women because they are "hot." Funny, they never talk about how smart or capable Palin and Bachmann are.

Sex and Conservatives

All this conservative emphasis on sexiness makes me wonder why conservatives are so hung up on it. The women are supposed to be sexy and feminine, but not actual sexual beings. A woman can be eye candy to a man, but may not engage in sexual activity until marriage. Doesn't that make a woman a tease?
If a woman chooses to have sex she is a slut. If she gets pregnant, it is all her fault because she was a slut. But we will have to save sex and conservatives until another day, lest this short article becomes a 10,000 word essay

Hillary has Earned Her Wrinkles

It is time to value our female politicians on their abilities and brains - not just on how sexy they look in heels. I see the objectification of women as sex objects the rule for conservatives. Hopefully, some day they can have their own Hillary Clinton to admire.
Hillary may have earned her wrinkles in different ways than most women - Lord knows I'm sure Bill gave her many - but she wears them well, and she wears them proudly. We all should be accepting of the body that time, and life, has given us. Let us be real women, not plastic society women grasping at a lost youth.

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